Google Discover and best AMP practices: Webinar by Team Readwhere

Bringing out the best innovative ways to stay productive and efficient in the lockdown, Team Readwhere came up with yet another interesting and interactive webinar for you.

We came up with yet another interesting webinar, this time to give a room to your creativity and also included a special guest speaker with us. Ishita Malhotra, Strategic Partnership Manager, Google and Vaibhav Pratap Singh, Creative Technologist, Readwhere came together to discuss Google Discover and AMP best practices in a webinar conducted on 9 April 2020.

Ishita introduced the best tool to increase the organic growth and traffic for your site: Google Discover.

Here is the link of the webinar you can watch and learn from

What’s great about Google Discover?

Imagine getting the news and articles easily available for you that you are interested in. It becomes so easy to simply browse and get all the information that you need and want.

Understanding the intent of people and coming up with the best mobile browsing experience is what Google did. Based on your search results and interests that you look for on Youtube, Instagram, Google and other search engines, the best In-Feed experience for users to stay up to date on the things they care about was discovered.

Google Discover is available for mobile devices. Getting personalized feed with news, your interests, evergreen content and many more became easy.

Did you know the user base for Google Discover is about 800 MM active users per month?

Discover is a great deal for your SEO as well which is why you should care about Discover. At the end of the day, it is about driving a ton of traffic for your site and growing your business.

How to optimize for Discover?

Here is everything that you need to do.

Google Discover

After knowing about the Google Discover, the next part of the webinar by Vaibhav included the best practices to be followed for getting the best outcome when it comes to being Discover friendly. AMP pages are necessary for better performance of the site on Google Discover.

Let’s dig in!

Content is the key

The first and the most important thing to do is to come up with interesting content for the users. Entertainment, news, sports, learning and many more that would grab the interest of your users should be showcased. Also, as we all know that images speak better, always include high-quality images to make the content impressive. It’s a good practice to use images with at least 1200 * 900px.

Security needs to be priority

Having a site and the content that is trustworthy is the need of the hour. It is a mandatory practice to consider making your site secure by switching to HTTPS. If you have them already, you are doing great! This is the basic level security measure that you should not miss at all.

Focus on the Structure

The whole structure of the page is based on 3 major factors which we call the E.A.T model.

Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness

Let’s take a look at the major takeaways that we got to know from this webinar.

Moving further, let’s take a look at the best AMP practices for a better outcome.

Baseline AMP Practices

Always know that AMP has different tags than HTML. Make sure that you utilize the same to avoid errors. Always be aware of the new tags and iframes. Your AMP pages need to be up to the mark to look seamless.

Never forget Canonical, amp and HTML tags along with alternate linking. Make the most of the amazing and engaging Ad formats for your AMP that would help you monetize. Also, never forget the analytical measurements to get your page better with the content that is majorly viewed by users. If you have added any videos and images that the readers are doing so, just work a way out.

Best Design Strategies

Focus on Branding, let your brand speak and ensure that the viewers notice your logo.

Sticky + Notes is an amazing form of revenue generation. Get hold of better viewability, more clicks and Higher CPMs with this easy practice.

So now that you know what all things you need to do for better discoverability, it is time to get them implemented to your sites.
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