Features to Drive Revenue: Webinar by Readwhere CMS Team

In the webinar series to help the publishers and advertisers, Team Readwhere came up with a complete package of features that every publisher would love. In the webinar, ‘Features to Drive Revenue’ presented by Mr Anubhav Bhatnagar, Product Analyst at Readwhere presented the unique features built by Team Readwhere to assist the publishers in taking a step ahead towards revenue growth and profit.

In this webinar, we discussed the 4 major key aspects that publishers should consider:

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in publishing for user engagement and content creation
  2. Features created with AI & ML by Readwhere CMS team
  3. How to drive more users and revenue with these features
  4. Smart TV app by Readwhere CMS

Here is a link to the webinar presentation for your reference and better understanding:

With current market trends, millennials spent over 3 hours and 45 minutes browsing on their mobile devices. It won’t be incorrect to say that mobile apps and mobile web will have higher engagement rates than the desktop.

We at Readwhere have been working from the past few years following the ongoing market trends; and understanding user proclivity over various content types. We have blended together our experience and knowledge over AL and ML based operations and created new features that would give a whole new perspective
To the publishers

Here are the various features by Readwhere CMS to make your site better and more engageable:

  1. Fabricate: Engaging video creation with existing content made easy with Fabricate that uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. No manual effort is required at the publisher’s end for creating videos.
  2. Good News: Nobody liked to be surrounded by negative news all day. Moreover, negative news and thoughts are not really helpful when bombarded on anyone. With the Good News feature, using Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, our system refines the positive news from the complete data and presents it to the users.
  3. Auto Notifications: As reported by the Medium researchers, sending notifications can boost an app engagement upto 88%. While some might consider sending timely notifications as a painful job, we at Readwhere CMS make it a cakewalk for you. Our System give publishers Automatically generated Notifications which increases User Engagement on a mobile app or mobile website.
  4. Polls: A site that provides a platform for the audience to have an opinion and present it is usually preferred by the readers. With Readwhere CMS, one can keep their audience engaged with interesting polls like story linked polls, category-specific polls and feedbacks.
  5. My News: Understanding the importance of content personalization, Team Readwhere came up with the My News feature that presents personalized content according to the preferred categories of the user. Users can select and create their own preferred topics of latest news under ‘My Feed’
  6. Publisher Companion: As the name suggests, the Publisher Companion app will be your companion in providing access to some of the premium features of the Readwhere Publisher backend in your hand through an app.

We are also proud to let our audience know about our first TV app. The TV app live on 23rd April 2020 showed 158 thousand viewerships in just the first week of launch, holding up a loyal base of 8400 users and increasing. Talking about the number of today, it has surpassed by more than twice for the brand. It comes up with features like:

  1. Multi-category Display
  2. Feature-rich UI for Large screen view
  3. Select specific Category icon for easy recognition
  4. Similar content across all Readwhere platform

With all these innovative features, we are sure that your app will be able to grab the attention of more users and do well in the business world. We would love to hear from you in case you want to know more about us, our work and your willingness to have us with you for the progress of your business.

Feel free to contact us at helpdesk@readwhere.com and we shall be happy to assist you.

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