India TV Smart TV App: Developed by Readwhere MCMS

With the increasing demand of smart tv sets in the country, the scope for news sites to get a new set of audience is also increasing. Moving from the traditional way of news content consumption from television to mobile phones has proved to be a convenient way for the customers. With smart TV becoming popular day by day, news publishing sites have a great chance to provide a lean back and enjoy experience just the way they say ‘Netflix and Chill’.

India TV is a renowned news channel founded by Rajat Sharma. The site does pretty well with its content and streaming for citizens throughout the country. However, considering the scope to get better, Readwhere MCMS made a major contribution to increasing the viewership of the channel by developing the FireTV app for India TV.

Readwhere MCMS released the Amazon fire tv app for India TV with several features to make the overall streaming experience a better one.

Let's take a look at the top features of the India TV FireTV app.

  1. Easy App launch and streaming: The live tv starts playing automatically on app launch and doesn’t require any manual intervention.
  2. Play/Pause with Alexa voice command: Users can conveniently choose to play or pause a video with the Alexa voice command. It doesn’t require the hassle to get a remote and work along.
  3. Multiple shows live streaming: As India TV has several popular shows streaming all day like Super 100, Aaj ki Baat, Yoga with Ramdev and more, live streaming for multiple shows can be done efficiently.
  4. User-friendly app design:  Indian TV app is designed considering all mandatory guidelines for a user-friendly experience. Factors such as typography, colours, text size, layouts and many more are taken care of.

Readwhere MCMS: Developing Smart TV apps for news websites

Many might be thinking of what can perform better- Smart TV Apps or OTT providers? One should always understand that digital is the new normal for everyone. Just as numerous users spend their time on binging shows, similarly several newsreaders also wish for a convenient way of consuming news content. India TV app for smart TV users is doing great in terms of traffic and numbers. 

Don’t believe it? Here are some amazing stats:

  1. Since the launch of the India TV app, there has been a multifold growth in acquiring new users and focusing on their retention.
  2. The India TV app for smart tv users receives traffic of around 5k daily active users.
  3. The number of monthly active users for the smart tv app stands at 27k.
  4. Users tend to spend approximately 25 minutes on the India TV app.
  5. The app works smoothly without crashing and has 99.9% crash-free rate.

Smart TV apps are the future for news publishing sites and channels. Are you intrigued enough to get a smart tv app for your news site?

All you need to do is reach out to Readwhere MCMS and let us know about your requirements. With Readwhere MCMS, get the best features for your smart tv app, increase your outreach and make more money!

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