Perks of RCI & NCI for Publishers: Manish Dhingra in conversation with Satyanarayana Bolla, Co-founder of Gulte.com

Team Readwhere is working continuously for the betterment of the publishing industry by educating the publishers regarding the Google News Initiative and its benefits. In the webinars, Readwhere team members are focusing on spreading knowledge about Web Vitals along with its core components viz. Largest Contentful Page, First Input Delay, Cumulative Layout Shift. On the other hand, they are also making the publishers familiar with Realtime Content Insights and News Consumer Insights and the best ways to gain more audience and revenue with the same.

In the recent webinar, Mr Manish Dhingra, CEO Mediology Software invited Mr Satyanarayana Bolla, Co-founder of Gulte.com for an unfiltered discussion regarding the benefits of RCI and NCI. Gulte.com is a leading news and entertainment site with a large audience in South India and out of India as well. Gulte is a Telugu Cinema website showcasing the latest Telugu movies, politics, current affairs news and more.

Gulte has been reaping the benefits of RCI and NCI for their business after team Readwhere assisted in the overall integration. In the new section included in the webinars, ‘Side by Side Chat’ by team Readwhere, Manish and Satyanarayana discussed the effects of making the most of GNI and the benefits of RCI and NCI for the business of Gulte.

Let’s take a look at the questions asked and the fruitful conversation between Manish and Satyanarayana.

Manish- How much of Google Analytics data do you and your teams analyze to make strategic decisions on your content, consumer and business?

Satyanarayana- Being in the news domain, it is essential to analyze the Google Analytics data as it is a core component of our progress. We focus on 2 major aspects when it comes to data analysis.

First is the Real-time analytics and secondly the social sites that bring us traffic like Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. We study and work around the keywords that are bringing traffic to the site for a better understanding.

Manish- What areas of Google Analytics do you use normally?

Satyanarayana- To talk in-depth about the utilization of Google Analytics, I can tell you that we focus on weekly and monthly reports. With these reports, we analyse our growth, progress and at times when we go down on the charts, we try to figure out the reason for the same. We create various events in Google Analytics and track them down from time to time. We do a lot of event-based tagging in the code to capture specific events.

So, I would say that Reports play a key role in our business once the event has occurred. So a blend of the real-time data, reports generated and the historical data is what we work on.

Manish- So now that you have set up RCI and NCI, How is your experience on using the dashboards for the same?

Satyanarayana- We have been using these amazing dashboards since the Readwhere team helped us with the integration. We are thoroughly enjoying the ease involved in it and also learning a lot day by day. As great as it sounds when you guys deliver the demo, the outcome is equally satisfactory as we are using these things ourselves now.

To be specific, from RCI, we are easily getting more information like real-time performance. Also, the most important part is the division of users showcased in both the dashboards like the casual users, loyal users and brand lovers which makes easier for us to know more about the audience.

Apart from that, we are pleased with the recirculation part, latest trends showcased with more accurate data depending on the geography. This is helping us immensely in coming up with new content that can be trending. So far, we are loving the experience of learning and working!

Manish- What benefits do you think you will be able to draw from your new data visualization tools, the RCI & NCI dashboards we have set up for you?

Satyanarayana- Talking about the benefits that we can bring to our business, I would again like to mention an important point. The conversion of casual readers to brand lovers is what we are focusing on. Conversion of these casual readers needs a rigid plan as it is fruitful for our traffic and ultimately revenue. To make this happen, we are planning on creating more intriguing content to gain more readers and gain more profits.

Manish- What feedback or advice would you like to give to your other fellow publishers with regards to your experience?

Satyanarayana- Being a publisher, I must say that I am very excited about using RCI and NCI for our business as it comes with countless benefits with minimum human intervention. As all the publishers use Google Analytics for their business, having this next version of analytics for your business is going to be the cherry on top of the cake.

I highly recommend all the publishers to try it out, learn more about it and make the most of the benefits as it definitely helps in increasing the traffic going forward.

If you use Google Analytics and still haven’t experimented with RCI and NCI for the growth of your business, it’s high time you should get a hold of it. You can simply write to us at helpdesk@readwhere.com and we will be happy to help you out!

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